June 06, 2016

Affiliate Program Start Up

The goal of having an information product or merchandise on your website is obviously to make sales and the more sales the better off you’ll be. To accomplish this goal you’ll need to get qualified traffic to your website. The most effective way to do that is by starting an Affiliate Program for your products and or services. Affiliates you vet and recruit will become an invaluable asset to your sites business. Affiliates are affiliates because they want to earn money and are eager to promote your product for you. The best part of the arrangement is you don’t have to pay them until they make money for you.

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Before you jump into a new affiliate program the first thing you should know without doubt is that the information or merchandise you have on site will actually sell. This is the number one critically important issue before embarking on your affiliate program! If you have a proven successful sales process on your website you can start the decision process of which affiliate program will work best for your website’s needs.

The first decision you will need to make is will you be running the affiliate program yourself on a script, if so your own script and server will track your websites affiliate sales and the amount owed for those affiliate sales. This can be time consuming as it is then your responsibility to go in and pay your affiliates when the commission is due. You will also need to decide which program or script you’d like to use to process payments to affiliates and manage your affiliate program. The problem with running it yourself is you don’t want to miss anything or pay out schedule. Sometimes affiliates work hard promoting and selling and never receive their commissions. You should always make sure that your affiliates are confident that this will never happen to them while they are an affiliate. This could lose you some exceptional affiliates.

Affiliate networks are generally preferable to running the affiliate program yourself because the affiliate network will generally do all the affiliate link tracking as well as affiliate recruiting for you and make your affiliate payments each month. The affiliate network charges you a small percentage for utilizing their service but you don’t have to worry about missed payments or any of the could happens.

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You have made the decision to start recruiting affiliates, now what? It would be a good idea to start with your existing customer base. You could send out an email or announce your program in your newsletter if you utilize one and provide the link where your existing users can sign up. After all if you have a base of visitors returning to your site they are obviously a fan already and would more than likely join your program and be happy to promote you.

There are also many different affiliate program directories where you can announce your affiliate program. If you don’t want to take the time to do all the directories at a minimum use this service called Affiliate Announce and be sure to stress the benefits to affiliates for signing up with your affiliate program.

You’ll want to stay involved with affiliate recruitment even if your using a affiliate network. The best most profitable affiliates will require a personal touch and not just anyone can recruit them into your program. These people are called Super Affiliates. These affiliates are the top producers of all affiliates and recruiting them can instantly increase your profits by leaps and bounds. Super affiliates are people who control search engines or are Ezine owners and have multiple thousands of subscribers. Many of them are webmasters who get hundreds of thousands of unique traffic to their sites daily, also don’t overlook marketers who generally own huge customer lists. Do a search and contact the first ten or so in the results. Expect to contact them more than once, be persistent but not annoying. Timing is everything!

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To get the best affiliates you want to stand out as much as possible from other merchants. Most Affiliates are inundated with different products in a wide variety of niches. It can be extremely difficult for you to stand out from all of the options available to potential affiliates. The best ways to differentiate yourself from many of the others is to offer your affiliates a wide variety of resources. Affiliates want to get their promotions of your product or service up and running as quickly and easily as possible. As an affiliate I can tell you that for an affiliate there is nothing more disappointing than finding a product or service to promote, getting excited about it then finding they didn’t bother to provide any tools other than a general home page link. The only option an affiliate has after that is to move on and promote someone else.

At a minimum you should offer a variety of graphic banners in various sizes to the affiliates. If applicable it can be really helpful to some affiliates to offer product or service articles. If the network provides for such allow affiliates to link to specific pages containing products or services. If you have a wide variety of products or services make a data feed available through the network.

You need to make it easy for your affiliates to promote your products and services. The goal here is sales after all.

You should also communicate with your affiliates on a regular basis. That would be the best way to find out what tools are working and what tools are not working for your affiliates. Make changes as required to improve sales tools.

Be sure to provide contact information to your affiliates, it shows that you are involved and a credible and experienced merchant. Especially important if you’re running your affiliate program through your own software script.

June 03, 2016

Earn Affiliate Income

Start producing affiliate income from the ingenuity and creativity you’ve invested in your website or Blog. You have created a lot of pages and articles on your new website or blog and now feel you are ready to apply to some affiliate networks and start producing income revenue.

Your pages and blog posts are high quality original content on your website. Your site has a contact page as well as terms and privacy pages. If this is true you are ready to apply to some affiliate networks and start earning affiliate income. Please be sure that you have all of this at a minimum before applying to any affiliate programs. Also note if your main site is adult rated in any way you will not be approved by any mainstream affiliate networks.

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To start off your affiliate revenue generating experience I highly recommend you apply to the Amazon Affiliate program because of the name recognition and the fact that there are literally millions of products you can incorporate into your websites content articles and pages. If you want to join the Amazon Affiliate Program make sure everything on your website (mentioned above) is in order before you apply.

When you are notified that you have been approved for the Amazon Affiliate Program, I highly recommend that the first thing you do is sign-in to the affiliate site and read the Operating Agreement in full including the links within the agreement (located on the top menu bar under the Help drop down menu). This is very important because Amazon does not give second chances for Gross violations of any part of the agreement. If you violate any part of this agreement and Amazon finds out you will receive an e-mail from them terminating your affiliate account forever.

After you have been accepted the first thing you will need to do is put an affiliate disclosure statement on your website, this is required by Amazon and all affiliate networks to inform visitors that your site earns advertising fees from links they click through to make a purchase. This is a Government requirement for all ad revenue earning sites (FTC).

This is the wording you can use form the Amazon Operating Agreement.

“[Insert your name] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to [insert the applicable site name (amazon.com)].”

You will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of merchandise to monetize your website content. I don’t recommend that you start filling your website widget areas with Amazon banners. If you want to use banners I recommend only one banner related to your websites niche content or possibly a general Amazon or Holiday banner. In my experience most banners of any type are mostly ignored by people and do not produce any substantial revenue. Many people actually use ad blockers in their browser specifically so they don’t see all the banner ads.

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All of the experience with affiliate links suggest that a text link placed within the content of your post is by far the best converting of all the tools provided, so if your writing a review or some content that relates to a product at amazon you would get a link to that product in your affiliate account then go back to the post you are writing and highlight the text you want to link to that product, click the chain link at the top of the editor (if using WordPress or Blogger) and paste the link you got at amazon in the box that pops up. That will make the words you highlighted a working monetized link that visitors can click through when you publish your content.

I wanted to mention also to absolutely stay away from any type of pop up ads on your site. These ads are the most annoying and will have your visitors leaving immediately. Just don’t do it!

Readers of your content that click your link will be taken to that product at Amazon and may buy that product or even purchase other items which you will receive commission for,( You will receive credit for anything they purchase in a 24 hour session assuming they do not leave Amazon and then enter through another associates link after yours) If the customer puts merchandise in their cart to purchase later you will also get credit for that as long as they pay for the items within 89 days. Anything they add to their shopping cart during the session will remain tagged with your affiliate ID until paid or removed.

Also of note is the fact that you will not see the earnings in your reports until the items ordered are shipped. There may be a substantial difference between orders and earnings, some orders never ship for many reasons.

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There are more Affiliate Networks that I like and just to be clear everything written above applies to all of them. In addition to Amazon Associates I also recommend that you consider Commission Junction and ShareASale as well because they both have a large quantity of merchants participating in their affiliate programs. These affiliate programs are different as you apply to many different companies within the network and you can really narrow down to your niche market.

In order to get perspective on your affiliate advertising strategy you should visit your site with this one question in mind. Are there too many ads? If honestly the answer is yes it will alienate people from returning to visit your site. This will also alienate Google from your site which means no traffic will be sent to it from search!

May 19, 2016

eCommerce Drop Shipping

eCommerce and drop shipping.

Wholesale Electronics Specials

So you want to sell physical products on your blog or website. It’s really not that difficult to do.

The first thing you need to do is figure out exactly the type of items you would like to sell and then you’ll need to decide if you want to actually handle the product yourself. Stocking and shipping the merchandise yourself will be time consuming and can be rather expensive but that’s OK if you have the time and money.

However, a great way to sell and make a good profit on your site is by using a drop ship company. These are wholesale sources that will pack and ship for you directly to your customer, and you only pay for the items after you have been paid by your customer.

Let me explain a little further.

You find a wholesaler that you like, you upload the pictures provided by the wholesaler of the products that you are going to sell on your website. After doing that a customer of your site makes a purchase of one of your listed products and pays you through PayPal or whatever payment system you may be using on your site.

After you have verified that payment was received you then go to your wholesaler account and order and pay your wholesaler for the item.

Then you will provide the shipping information provided by the customer. The wholesaler will then ship the item directly to your customer.

You don’t need to worry about your customer going directly to the wholesaler next time they order and bypassing you as the wholesaler only inserts your customized invoice into your customers packaging. There is no indication in the package that it did not come directly from you.

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You really can start a thriving home business using Drop Shipping.

This can cost you next to nothing to start and can become quite lucrative with the right mix of products.

If you happen to already have a large following on your blog or website your halfway there already. Loyal readers and followers can be a giant boost as many of them are on multiple social media platforms and will most likely mention your site to a lot of social contacts.

Of course there is work involved you’ll want to do a lot of social media promotion and attract search engines with images and keywords.

Bottom line is if you want to you can!

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May 04, 2016

WordPress Affiliate Content Plugins

If your ready to start earning more money from your blogs there is a WP Plugin called WordPress Robot that can help you monetize your blog sites automatically by posting affiliate products from 9 different affiliate networks, including Amazon Affiliates, eBay and ShareAsale.

You can save a lot of time you would have spend writing content because WP Robot helps you add on-topic content such as videos, articles, photos and much more to your WordPress websites. You can also enhance your existing content or it will create entirely new content for you.

The great thing about this plugin is you can create completely automatic niche blogs in order to promote your main sites and increase your traffic and search engine rankings.

This plugin is much more than just an auto blogging plugin. It makes it possible to create entirely new blogs full of engaging curated content as well.

WP Robot works with all of the available WordPress themes. The plugin creates the content for you and your theme defines how it looks on your website or blog.

The only limit to your creativity is you because you can find automatic content generated for any niche or keyword of your choosing.

It’s unbelievable how many uses there are for this particular plugin. From creating complete WordPress auto blogs, posting curated content or enhancing your blog with targeted images and affiliate advertisements. It’s all possible!

You have a choice to drip feed new content to your website or blog in custom time intervals or you can bulk add a lot of new articles with a single click of your mouse. Or you can do both if you so desire!

This plugin has powerful templates that do automatic translation and the perfect integration with spinning software make it possible to create automatic and most importantly unique content!

This great plugin WordPress Robot is continuously updated and has always worked with the latest version of the WordPress Platform.

Drip-feeding great quality content related to your blogs niche makes sure your sites stay fresh and updated constantly. Even when you are not able to or are sleeping your blog is being updated.

There are more than 20 different automatic content module sources that can allow you to create diverse auto blogs with this WordPress plugin! Automatically post affiliate products, full news articles, YouTube videos, images and many other types of content. You can mix all the sources together and rewrite them automatically to build auto blogs that look completely natural.

You can combine any or all of the auto blogging modules available in the plugin together in order to create content-rich articles on your blog.

This plugin integrates with all the best rewriting software tools that allows you to make your automatic content very unique. The following are some of the content spinners supported by this plugin. TheBestSpinner, Spinnerchief, ChimpRewriter, SpinRewriter, WordAI and ContentProfessor.

You can use this with any theme you prefer because it looks great with any WordPress theme!

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Here is a list of all the automatic content sources you can take advantage of in the WP Robot plugin software. Click on each link to learn more about a source or order WP Robot now and start using them all on your WordPress blogs immediately!

The Amazon module allows you to automatically post affiliate linked products from Amazon to your WordPress blogs. It is easy to use and powerful at the same time. Articles created by the Amazon module include screenshots of the product, a description by Amazon, some of the latest reviews, up-to-date prices and much more.

More Amazon Module details – You must be an Amazon Affiliate to earn revenue from this module, assuming that you are an affiliate with Amazon you will need to have authorization credentials for the amazon api which you will use within the module to import the products, prices and reviews from amazon. First off it’s free to get the credential keys. Go to your Amazon Affiliate account, sign in and go to the menu on the top, under tools drop down menu click the Product Advertising API link. On that page sign up for the API, you will be given special keys which you will need for this module. Once you have that your ready to start using the Amazon module.

The Article module allows you to automatically post articles from Article to your WordPress blogs. It is easy to use and powerful at the same time. Articles created by the Article module include the full article text. More details – If you like you can set the module to draft instead of post, that way you can add or subtract from the article or completely change it.

The eBay module allows you to automatically post your or general auctions from eBay to your WordPress blogs. It is easy to use and powerful at the same time. Articles created by the eBay module include a screenshot of the product sold, the current bid or buy now price and more details.

More details – As with Amazon you will need to be an eBay affiliate to earn commission from sales.

The Clickbank module allows you to automatically post affiliate ads from Clickbank to your WordPress blogs. It is easy to use and powerful at the same time. Articles created by the Clickbank module include a short description of the product sold.

More details – Requires you to be a Click Bank affiliate to earn sales commission.

The YouTube module allows you to automatically post videos from YouTube to your WordPress blogs. It is easy to use and powerful at the same time. Articles created by the YouTube module include the full video embedded into your post as well as a short description, details on the up loader, the video rating and a screenshot.

More details – You can set the rating level and use keywords to limit the videos imported to relevancy.

The Flickr module allows you to automatically post images and photos from Flickr to your WordPress blogs. It is easy to use and powerful at the same time. Articles created by the Flickr module include the full image in different sizes as well as a description, information on the author and comments from Flickr.

The Google News module allows you to automatically post news articles from Google News to your WordPress blogs. Articles created by the Google News module include a short summary of the news with a link to the full source.

Set the type of news you prefer on your blog.

The RSS module allows you to automatically post RSS feeds from RSS feed to your WordPress blogs. Articles created by the RSS module include the full content available inside the RSS feed with all images, videos and other details.

The Commission Junction module much like amazon allows you to automatically post affiliate products from Commission Junction to your WordPress blogs. Articles created by the Commission Junction module include a detailed description of the product with up-to-date prices, screenshots of the article and more.

More details – You will need to be a CJ affiliate to earn commission from the links within the content imported as well as an affiliate of the companies linked.

The Oodle module allows you to automatically post classifieds from Oodle to your WordPress blogs. Articles created by the Oodle module include the classified ad with details on the service or product sold as well as a screenshot if available.

The Shopzilla module allows you to automatically post product comparisons from Shopzilla to your WordPress blogs. Articles created by the Shopzilla module include a detailed product and price comparison in a nice table.

The PRweb Press Release module allows you to automatically post press releases from PRweb Press Release to your WordPress blogs. Articles created by the PRweb Press Release module include the full press release as listed on prweb.com.

The Linkshare module allows you to automatically post affiliate products from Linkshare affiliate network to your WordPress blogs. Articles created by the Linkshare module include a detailed description of the product with up-to-date prices, screenshots of the article and more.

The Eventful module allows you to automatically post events from Eventful to your WordPress blogs. Articles created by the Eventful module include a detailed listing on the event with information on location, date as well as a description and screenshots if available.

The iTunes module allows you to automatically post digital products from iTunes to your WordPress blogs. Articles created by the iTunes module include a detailed description of the product with up-to-date prices, screenshots of the article and more.

The Yelp module allows you to automatically post local reviews from Yelp to your WordPress blogs. Articles created by the Yelp module include a description and recent reviews for each listing.

The ShareASale module allows you to automatically post affiliate products from ShareASale to your WordPress blogs. It is easy to use and powerful at the same time. Articles created by the ShareASale module include a detailed description of the product with up-to-date prices, screenshots of the article and more.

More details – This ShareAsale module will require you to download a product csv file with desired products and information from affiliated merchants at ShareAsale and upload it to your server before the module can post from it.

The Avantlink module allows you to automatically post affiliate products from Avantlink to your WordPress blogs. Articles created by the Avantlink module include a detailed description of the product with up-to-date prices, screenshots of the article and more.

The PLR module allows you to automatically post PLR articles from PLR to your WordPress blogs. Articles created by the PLR module include the full content of the PLR article .txt files you upload to WP Robot.

The Article Builder module allows you to automatically post unique articles from Article Builder to your WordPress blogs. Articles created by the Article Builder module include a complete and unique article created by the Article Builder service.

The Big Content Search module allows you to automatically post unique articles from Big Content Search to your WordPress blogs. Articles created by the Big Content Search module include a complete and unique article created by the Big Content Search service.

The Kontent Machine module allows you to automatically post unique articles from Kontent Machine to your WordPress blogs. Articles created by the Kontent Machine module include a complete and unique article created by the Kontent Machine software.

The Translation module allows you to automatically translate all new posts WP Robot creates on your auto blog. The module uses Google Translate and supports over 20 languages into which you can translate your WordPress posts.

This plugin requires no Contract and there is no monthly Subscription fees. You purchase the right to use WP Robot for a one time payment! After you purchase the plugin you can keep using it forever on an unlimited number of your WordPress Blogs.

There is a developer version of the license which you can even sub license the plugin to your clients or sell all of the auto blogs you have built with WP Robot included with them.

If you decide later on that you want to upgrade the license, you can upgrade to a higher version at any time and pay only the remaining difference.

You also have a 14 Day Refund Guarantee so Order with confidence and without risk! If you don’t like WP Robot you can simply give it back during the first 14 days for a full refund.