June 03, 2016

Earn Affiliate Income

Start producing affiliate income from the ingenuity and creativity you’ve invested in your website or Blog. You have created a lot of pages and articles on your new website or blog and now feel you are ready to apply to some affiliate networks and start producing income revenue.

Your pages and blog posts are high quality original content on your website. Your site has a contact page as well as terms and privacy pages. If this is true you are ready to apply to some affiliate networks and start earning affiliate income. Please be sure that you have all of this at a minimum before applying to any affiliate programs. Also note if your main site is adult rated in any way you will not be approved by any mainstream affiliate networks.

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To start off your affiliate revenue generating experience I highly recommend you apply to the Amazon Affiliate program because of the name recognition and the fact that there are literally millions of products you can incorporate into your websites content articles and pages. If you want to join the Amazon Affiliate Program make sure everything on your website (mentioned above) is in order before you apply.

When you are notified that you have been approved for the Amazon Affiliate Program, I highly recommend that the first thing you do is sign-in to the affiliate site and read the Operating Agreement in full including the links within the agreement (located on the top menu bar under the Help drop down menu). This is very important because Amazon does not give second chances for Gross violations of any part of the agreement. If you violate any part of this agreement and Amazon finds out you will receive an e-mail from them terminating your affiliate account forever.

After you have been accepted the first thing you will need to do is put an affiliate disclosure statement on your website, this is required by Amazon and all affiliate networks to inform visitors that your site earns advertising fees from links they click through to make a purchase. This is a Government requirement for all ad revenue earning sites (FTC).

This is the wording you can use form the Amazon Operating Agreement.

“[Insert your name] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to [insert the applicable site name (amazon.com)].”

You will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of merchandise to monetize your website content. I don’t recommend that you start filling your website widget areas with Amazon banners. If you want to use banners I recommend only one banner related to your websites niche content or possibly a general Amazon or Holiday banner. In my experience most banners of any type are mostly ignored by people and do not produce any substantial revenue. Many people actually use ad blockers in their browser specifically so they don’t see all the banner ads.

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All of the experience with affiliate links suggest that a text link placed within the content of your post is by far the best converting of all the tools provided, so if your writing a review or some content that relates to a product at amazon you would get a link to that product in your affiliate account then go back to the post you are writing and highlight the text you want to link to that product, click the chain link at the top of the editor (if using WordPress or Blogger) and paste the link you got at amazon in the box that pops up. That will make the words you highlighted a working monetized link that visitors can click through when you publish your content.

I wanted to mention also to absolutely stay away from any type of pop up ads on your site. These ads are the most annoying and will have your visitors leaving immediately. Just don’t do it!

Readers of your content that click your link will be taken to that product at Amazon and may buy that product or even purchase other items which you will receive commission for,( You will receive credit for anything they purchase in a 24 hour session assuming they do not leave Amazon and then enter through another associates link after yours) If the customer puts merchandise in their cart to purchase later you will also get credit for that as long as they pay for the items within 89 days. Anything they add to their shopping cart during the session will remain tagged with your affiliate ID until paid or removed.

Also of note is the fact that you will not see the earnings in your reports until the items ordered are shipped. There may be a substantial difference between orders and earnings, some orders never ship for many reasons.

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There are more Affiliate Networks that I like and just to be clear everything written above applies to all of them. In addition to Amazon Associates I also recommend that you consider Commission Junction and ShareASale as well because they both have a large quantity of merchants participating in their affiliate programs. These affiliate programs are different as you apply to many different companies within the network and you can really narrow down to your niche market.

In order to get perspective on your affiliate advertising strategy you should visit your site with this one question in mind. Are there too many ads? If honestly the answer is yes it will alienate people from returning to visit your site. This will also alienate Google from your site which means no traffic will be sent to it from search!